Pedigree Dogs Exposed

CBC will be rebroadcasting the 2008 BBC documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed”.  This is an eye-opening documentary that talks about how breeders turn a blind eye to physically debilitating traits resulting from in-breeding for what judging circles deem to be the perfect dog.

Schedule for airing this documentary on CBC’s “The Passionate Eye”:
   > Monday August 9th at 10 ET/PT (CBC News Network… Shaw Cable Channel 26 in BC)
   > Sunday August 15th at 8 ET (CBC News Network… Shaw Cable Channel 26 in BC)

Here is a link to the CBC posting about this documentary:


Not too much to report

Progress appears to be steady. Reducing the Perocet frequency has not had any visible negative impact. We are both getting uninterrupted sleep at night. I set up a 3 x 3 sleeping area on the floor next to my bed. After snuggling for a few minutes, I put him down and he settles in nicely.

On our walk this morning, I noticed him making effort to lift his right leg to pee… an indication of regaining strength and coordination in his weaker left leg.

~ Keith … (from my iPhone)

Morning Coffee

I am sitting at Starbucks, Southpoint, having a coffee.  Basty is at home in his kennel.  I needed a bit of a break, and figured he would be OK if I left him alone for an hour or so.

Basty is now on a 12 hour medication cycle for his Perocet.  With consultation by Canada West Neurology, I moved him from an 8 hour cycle to a 12 hour cycle.  His prescription runs out this weekend, and he does not appear to have any major discomfort.  I may even put him on a 16 hour cycle starting Sunday.  This will serve to ween him off and allow me to monitor him for discomfort, putting him back on if necessary.

We went for our morning walk around 7:00.  He really is doing well, and wanting to go much further than I am comfortable letting him.  His ‘gait’ continues to improve.  He is even doing a better job of lifting his left leg when trying to pee against something.  The left leg still gets tangled at times, but his progress is obvious.

The right ear is still bothering him.  I try to ease it by softly rubbing it, and letting him lean into the rub as he needs to.  It seems to help relieve the discomfort somewhat.  One thought I had is related to the fact that I am weening him off of the Perocet.  Could it be that the Perocet was masking the discomfort of the Syringo?


Well, it finally happened.  As much as I hated to do it, I took Basty in to be trimmed down.  The summer heat is hard on him, and the need to deal with recovering from surgery, he really does not need to deal with overheating as well.  And lets face it, hospitalization resulted in being shaved on the back and on the tummy, and various places on the legs.  So this trim kind of balances his look off a bit..!!

It is not a ‘skin’ trim… I think we used a #3.  But it is definitely enough to keep him cooler, and of course, the feathering and his chest ‘main’ is gone.  We did trim the under side of the ears, but we left his visible ear length and his tail alone.

Andrea… I will send you Silvia’s coordinates… she works out of the ‘Big Dog Little Dog Bakery’ store in downtown Langley.  She is very sensitive to the dogs needs, and does a great job adjusting to the owners needs.  Although she has an assistant, she let me assist given Basty’s recent surgery.

The one thing I am a bit concerned about is Basty’s reaction after having the underside of his ears cut.  Everything went well until we worked on his right ear (the very last thing we did).  Trimming that ear really seems to have bothered him.  We used Vet Ear Solution in both ears to see if it would alleviate the irritation, but it was still bothering him.  I mildly massaged the ear practically all the way home.  It seemed to offer some relief.  I brought him upstairs and put him in his kennel; he is resting now.

I know it seems odd to be concerned about such a reaction.  All dogs have ear itches, right..?  But knowing Basty has been diagnosed with Syringo, gives some reason to be concerned about how that condition is progressing.  An ear itch is one thing, but the extent to which it bothers him is unusual.

Here is a photo of him resting in his kennel after his trim.  What a sweetheart…


Basty is being very vocal about his desire to go out.  We went out for our morning walk around 09:00.  As you can see from the video, Basty is making good progress.  Bowel movements seem to be daily again.  He is even trying to lift his leg when he pees, and making attempts at ‘territory scratching’ after a pee (I need to be wary of his attempts to do this, and prevent him from doing so as it aggravates the spine).  He has been trying his ‘nesting’ thing in his kennel as well… not a good thing, as it aggravates his injury… he has yelped when trying to do this… when I notice him starting to do this, I stop him.

Day by Day

Not too much new to report today.  Basty definitely enjoys being able to go out again… all-be-it, just for very short walks.  I am trying to do three walks a day, with some physio and massage before and after.  His level of coordination seems to have plateaued for now.  He often gets his left hind leg crossed over with his right and can’t pull it back.  It’s a bit funny to watch.  It usually happens when he finds a smell that deserves more attention, and he turns back to check again.  The legs just don’t quite cooperate.  I suspect that this is the kind of progression to expect… we’ll see leaps, and then he will plateau for a bit.

We did do a good around the block (almost) first thing this morning.  The 4:00 walk was much shorter and he tired much quicker.  But I attribute that to the heat, rather than to his strength.  I will take him again around 9:30 when things have cooled off.

His hind paws are dragging quite a bit… that is evident from the grey soot on his paw fir after a walk… and, in fact, you can hear his nails dragging on the pavement.  Flash back to what started all of this two months ago… dragging of his front paws.


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May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.