God it Wrong




Walks are getting tougher for the old guy.  He is dragging all four paws these days; needs a lot of coaxing to stay in motion.

It was quite a nice October day, so we took a stroll on Crescent Breach.  Stopped for a photo on the grassy knoll on the North end of the promenade.  I didn’t notice the goober when taking the photo, but hey, he looks cute anyway.

Basty’s nasal cavity has been experiencing inflammation issues for the past 4 to 6 weeks.  Back in August, I though it was just a cold; unfortunately, it wouldn’t go away.  Long story short, he was evaluated by Dr Baxter at Canada West.  She performed a rhinoscopy, scoping his cavity and taking biopsy’s.  The biopsy’s came back negative, but that leaves his inflammation unexplained.  We find ourselves dealing with it day to day.  I am currently trying probiotics, hoping to boost his immune system.  He has been on a lot of antibiotics over the past year.  Hope is to rebalance his system.  It is too early to know for sure; subjectively, the initial round was followed by inflammation subsiding.  It reappeared again yesterday, so working on another round.

2017-10-28 Basty CB

2017 Eclipse

I didn’t ‘participate’ as an eclipse ogler, but certainly noticed the eerie light that accompanied the 86% of totality experienced in the Vancouver region.  Photos below are of Basty’s shadow during totality.  I know, the effect kinda gets lost in the framing of the photo.  But hey, Basty is as cute as ever..!!

2017-08-21_2 BastyEclipse

2017-08-21_1 BastyEclipse

May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.