For the fourth time this winter season, we had a dump of snow.  It is the time of year that we in the Fraser Valley are supposed to gloat about as the rest of the country is in a deep freeze.  But seems, perhaps tis not to be this season.

Monday Feb 6th, we woke to our biggest dump yet.  Our previous dump had just melted away less than a week ago… not another one..!!

Snow 001.JPGSnow 002.JPG

But hey, not so bad… Wednesday evening brought more snow… which turned to rain by Thursday morning… what a mess..!!

Slush 001.JPG

After two days of rain and above zero temps, the snow has once again all but disappeared.

Winter Whites

Last week’s snow was short lived; it melted on Saturday.  But that was just a tease..!!  Sunday night brought with it, fluffy white stuff that was destined to stay a while.  A foot of it..!!

2016-12-12 15242 Winter 2016.JPG

My 1/2 shoveled driveway on Monday morning.

This time, a looming cold front gave the snow a reason to stay.  Not my favorite thing, but to every snow fall there is a silver lining.  In this case, it just happens that Basty loves a fresh snow fall.  After washing his face in it, he bounces playfully like a rabbit.

2016-12-12 BastySnow1.JPG

2016-12-12 BastySnow2.JPG

Early December ’16

Life trudges on.  I’ve had the house back for about a month now.  Working (slowly) on painting a few rooms (master bath done, master bdrm today, plans for main bath… , 3rd bdrm…, front entrance/family room…).

A few interesting photos..

Sept 9th ’16:  Sun, moon, star  (well, actually… Lamp post, moon, bird)
Oct 10th ’16:  B ‘n Me on a bright Crescent Beach morning.
Dec 3rd ’16:  Heron at Crescent Beach (but notice the Eagle sitting on the warning sign)

Time Ticking

It has been a while since I last posted…

Since then, I have moved this blog from my self-hosted Synology DS, to  Self hosting the blog was interesting, but high maintenance.  It also presents some security risks to my DS.  There is nothing in this blog that I would worry about vis-à-vis content or security… so, why not host it on!?!

August is long gone, September isn’t too far behind.  Kevin/Amanda/Gracie are still with me as they wait for their townhome construction to complete.  The target is end October, but possible they could get in earlier.  Crossing my fingers on that one..!!  I think we are starting to get on each others nerves!!

Here are a couple of obligatory recent shots of Basty…

Basty in Autumn Leaves
Basty River Walk

May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.