Basty Videos

This section is a repository for various videos I have created/produced/collected over time.  Nothing special to these videos… mostly stuff I collected or put together; sometimes my own video lengths, but more often someone else’s recordings touched up or pieced together.

The collection is stored on my Synology Photo Station, and can also be viewed there, along with a collection of stills on various topics.

September 15, 2013:  Crescent Beach is a favorite spot for both of us. As he ages, Basty seems to be getting more playful. And he is quite insistent that I participate. This one was shot on a misty September morning.

Spring 2012:  Basty has been in remission for about a year (not before enduring chemo for 9 months, but that is detailed in our blog). This time, Ginger was staying with us as Green’s were traveling. A recent game the two picked up is ‘keep-away’. I throw the stick favoring Basty, he chases and gets the stick, Ginger then tries to take it from him.

July 2010:  Basty ran into a number of health issues relating to his back. He was first diagnosed with a ruptured disk, and had back surgery. This was found to be a misdiagnosis, and he was subsequently diagnosed with Spinal Lymphoma… but not before enduring back surgery and its road to recovery.

Summer 2008:  Whenever I have to travel on business, Basty stays at the Green residence, where another Cavie keeps him company. In his early life, Basty was not into one-on-one play with Ginger, but he eventually came around. This video was recorded by Andrea, as they played tug-o-war in the back yard.

November 2003:  When Basty was just a puppy, Donna Blower from Custom Canine asked if she could use him as part of an interview she was doing with Val Cole of Breakfast Television (BT).  Here is the video.

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