How To Fix A Broken Heart

Saw this TED Talk; am currently reading his book by the same title.  He deals with the loss of a beloved pet, and how such a loss is on the same level as the loss of a 1st degree relation.  Unfortunately, society tends to push people to just get over it and move on.  Rather, a person needs to process the grief and loss, process the heartbreak that results.


Wish You Were Here

Changing my habits little bit by little bit.  But it is hard not to miss his presence.  Took a walk at Crescent Beach over lunch hour and couldn’t help but reminice on our games of ‘follow me – balance on the log’.  As feelings of anxiety encroach, getting out and walking helps.  Thinking about selling the house; it feels empty and is too much of a reminder.  I bought this place for Basty; minimal stairs (which he could no longer navigate), and a yard he made his own.  Market timing isn’t the greatest, but it is what it is.