2017 Eclipse

I didn’t ‘participate’ as an eclipse ogler, but certainly noticed the eerie light that accompanied the 86% of totality experienced in the Vancouver region.  Photos below are of Basty’s shadow during totality.  I know, the effect kinda gets lost in the framing of the photo.  But hey, Basty is as cute as ever..!!

2017-08-21_2 BastyEclipse

2017-08-21_1 BastyEclipse


Uova Al Forno

Saturday morning, Basty and I met up with Sarah for a walk in Stanley Park.  After the walk, we had brunch at Adesso Bistro on Haro Street.  What was especially nice is that they had an outdoor patio, and they let me have Basty at the table.  We both ordered the Uova Al Forno (Baked eggs, asparagus, spicy capocollo, parmigiano, marinara, served in a mini cast-iron pan and with a mixed side salad).

2017-08-12 Basty n Sarah