It has been a slow progression towards Spring.  December, January, and February saw one snowfall after another.  February and March, days were either very wet or colder than it should be for this time of year.  Ah, times they are a changin’.

It’s April 1st, drizzled all night last night, misty morning.  Forecast is 10C and for a bit of sun later in the day.  But hey, the daffodils are finally out..!!

Basty’s hind legs are getting quite weak.  If he stands too long in one place, his bum sags until he sits.  As long as he is moving, he is able to control his legs.  This past week, I had to start putting booties on his back paws to protect against wounds above his nails; he scrapes the top of his rear paws as he walks.  Watching him turn around in a short space is somewhat comical; his rear end inevitably falls over.  Of course, it is not funny… his tumor is expressing itself, and eventually he will be paralyzed in the rear.

2017-03-31-1 Basty.JPG

2017-03-31-2 Basty.JPG


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