2017 Eclipse

I didn’t ‘participate’ as an eclipse ogler, but certainly noticed the eerie light that accompanied the 86% of totality experienced in the Vancouver region.  Photos below are of Basty’s shadow during totality.  I know, the effect kinda gets lost in the framing of the photo.  But hey, Basty is as cute as ever..!!

2017-08-21_2 BastyEclipse

2017-08-21_1 BastyEclipse


Uova Al Forno

Saturday morning, Basty and I met up with Sarah for a walk in Stanley Park.  After the walk, we had brunch at Adesso Bistro on Haro Street.  What was especially nice is that they had an outdoor patio, and they let me have Basty at the table.  We both ordered the Uova Al Forno (Baked eggs, asparagus, spicy capocollo, parmigiano, marinara, served in a mini cast-iron pan and with a mixed side salad).

2017-08-12 Basty n Sarah

Basty Turns 14

Yep, my little guy has beat the odds and turned 14 today..!!  No question, he is showing his age; walks are slow these days.  But he still insists on his walks, and still enjoys socializing with friends he meets along the way.

His birthday dinner consisted of a Lamb meal with a doggie-pepperoni stick as substitute for a candle.



Came across this photo the other day… bit of a blast from the past.  Harry and I went into partnership to purchase this motorcycle.  With it’s short wheel base and small motor, it was great for tooling around the city; not the best for open highway.  As I understand it, the guy I eventually sold it to , took it on a road trip to Ottawa and burned out the motor before he got there..!!

004 Honda Custom.jpg
Free Rider

Location: 2812 E. Victoria Ave, Thunder Bay, ON

Bike: Honda Custom 250

Helmet: Bottomless water kettle

Sunglasses: Serengeti

Rider: Harry Sorvisto

Background: 1977 Monte Carlo with full Landau

Camera: Praktica L2


May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.