Chill to Spill

The sky decided to spill some snow.  Last night we had a second dump in as many days.  Too deep for Basty to walk in.

2018-02-24 Snow.JPG

Took puppies for walk at Cr Beach; took advantage of someone’s’ effort to make this Snowman to pose the pups in this photo op.

2018-02-24 B n G Cr Beach.JPG


February Chill

Temps hovering at 0 C; we were spared most of the snow that hit the North shore.  Forecast is for nightime temps to go down to -10 C mid-week.  Hopefully, the daffodils that have already reared their leafy stock, will endure the chill.

Basty ‘n Gin wore their winter wear; Basty actually had on his sweater and his coat.  It wasn’t long before he was shivering; he has lost a lot of weight (down to 13.5 pounds), so doesn’t hold his body heat very well anymore.

2018-02-18 B n Gin.JPG

High Tide

While on our Sunday morning walk (Basty ‘n Me), it was interesting to see the level of the water on the Nicomekl River.  The public bench in the first photo is a good indication that the water is much higher than one would expect.  You can see the water line in both photos (it was about 8″ higher just an hour earlier).  The building in the background is part of a floating dock; the section that connects the floating building/dock to the walkway from the shore is the hinged ramp between them.  That ramp is normally sloped down (fairly steep at low tide) toward the floating building; in these photos, it is sloping up.

2018-10-21 HighTide1.JPG

2018-10-21 HighTide2.JPG

May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.